Overview: How does MyWorks Sync work with Shopify and QuickBooks Desktop?

How MyWorks Sync connects with Shopify and QuickBooks Desktop

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at March 5th, 2024

MyWorks Sync constantly watches for new or updated orders, products, inventory levels and more - and syncs them in automatically when the changes occur - so there's no need for any type of "daily or scheduled" sync, which can be inaccurate in the time periods between the sync.

When MyWorks Sync is activated

Once MyWorks Sync is activated on your store, only new data will be automatically synced: based on your settings in Settings > Automatic Sync. 

No existing data will be automatically synced. Unlike other solutions, MyWorks Sync does not automatically push random data into QuickBooks Online or pull random data into Shopify when you activate it, which can create a confusing mess of duplicate and inaccurate data.

Automatic Syncing

Once MyWorks Sync is active, as mentioned above, new or updated data can be automatically synced!

You can configure exactly what will automatically sync via the switches in MyWorks Sync > Settings > Automatic Sync.

Manual Syncing

Now that you understand Automatic Syncing, you're ready to rock and roll from here on out! Congrats! But...how about any customers, products, or orders that are in Shopify that haven't yet made it into QuickBooks Online? Or, what if you have products in QuickBooks Online that you need to be created in Shopify? 

That's where our Push and Pull areas come in. Using these pages - you can manually select and push any historical Shopify data into QuickBooks Online - or manually pull any historical QuickBooks Online products into Shopify! Bravo!


Using the Push section in MyWorks Sync > Push, you will be able to manually select and push any/all historical data in Shopify to QuickBooks Online. This includes customers, orders, payments, products/variations & inventory. If an instance of this data already exists in QuickBooks Online and is mapped correctly in MyWorks Sync > Map, it will be updated in QuickBooks Online, and never duplicated.



Using the Pull section in MyWorks Sync > Pull, you will be able to manually select and pull any historic data in QuickBooks Online into Shopify. This includes products & inventory. This is coming soon!