Setting up MyWorks in Shopify and connecting to QuickBooks Desktop

Set up MyWorks and quickly connect your Shopify store with QuickBooks Desktop to easily sync your orders and keep up with your bookkeeping.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at March 28th, 2024

Congrats on taking the first step to automatically sync your Shopify store with QuickBooks Desktop using MyWorks Sync! This doc will take you through the easy steps of setting up MyWorks for the first time and help you get started.

This doc will take you through the easy steps of setting up MyWorks for the first time and help you get started. Our guided video above is also helpful to visually walk through setting up and using MyWorks.

1. Add the MyWorks app

In your Shopify admin area or the Shopify app store, search for the MyWorks app and click Install within the MyWorks app. Since MyWorks supports syncing with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop, be sure to choose the correct app. 



2. Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

Once added to your Shopify store, visit MyWorks Sync > Connection, and:

  1. Click the Download QuickBooks Connection File button. 

  2. Open the resulting connection file on your QuickBooks Desktop computer, while first making sure:
    1. The QuickBooks Desktop company you're connecting with is open, 
    2. You're logged in as the company admin user.
  3. You'll receive two popups: first confirming connecting to your Shopify store, and  then to confirm connecting to your QuickBooks Desktop Company.

    Then, to confirm connecting to your QuickBooks company. Normally, the third option: “Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company is open” is the most popular choice - as this allows the sync to connect to your QuickBooks company whenever it's open on this specific computer. The fourth option to allow access even if QuickBooks is not running is only needed if QuickBooks won't normally be open on this specific computer.
  4. Once complete, you'll see the QuickBooks Web Connector open, with MyWorks added as an app within it. Copy the “Web Connector Password” from MyWorks Sync > Connection in your Shopify store to the password field in the Web Connector.  


3. Let's get syncing!

Now that you're connected to QuickBooks Desktop, MyWorks can begin syncing inventory automatically. Here's a few helpful tips! 

  • In MyWorks Sync > Settings, you can configure how MyWorks will sync your inventory.
  • In MyWorks Sync > Map, you can map your Shopify and QuickBooks products together.   

Managing Settings

You can control how MyWorks syncs, and what we sync; in the Settings menu under MyWorks. 

  • In the Product menu, customize mapping your Shopify Locations to QuickBooks Inventory sites, or select the Shopify Location that all inventory should sync to. 
  • In the Automatic Sync menu, enable syncing inventory.


Managing Mappings

You can further control how MyWorks syncs your data by mapping your products & variations in the Map menu under MyWorks. 

Products & Variations

If your products are in both Shopify and QuickBooks, they should be mapped together here, so MyWorks can sync inventory from QuickBooks to Shopify for these products.

Products can be mapped together in two ways:

  • Manually: Selecting the matching QuickBooks product in the dropdown.
  • Using our Automap tool: To automatically match together any products with a matching name or SKU.