An error of type E_USER_ERROR - Error Msg.: SQL: SHOW TABLES

Learn more about what can cause this error to occur, and how to resolve on your store.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at July 25th, 2023

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Are you seeing this error in your PHP logs, or sent to you from your Wordpress site? This is caused by your hosting account having limited resources available and timing out/killing our sync before it can finish running.

An extremely low percentage of our users encounter this message (since it only occurs on low-resource hosting accounts), and the users who do have always resolved this by following the resolutions below.


An error of type E_USER_ERROR was caused in line 374 of the file public_html/wp-content/plugins/myworks-quickbooks-pos-sync/includes/lib/qbo-lib/QuickBooks/Driver/Sql/Mysqli.php.

Error Msg.:


Database: /my_database


The hosting account that your Wordpress site is hosted with does not have enough resources to allow our sync to successfully maintain a connection with your database. It is either running out of memory, or the database connection limits are set too low to pre-maturely kill the database connection or time out the connection.


  1. Contact your host or web developer to share this error with them and discuss reviewing/raising your database connection limits with your web host. Typically, showing this message to your web host will point them in the right direction to review what limit on their end is causing this, and raise this limit. This is most often an issue with the "max_user_connections" value being set too low.
  2. Getting pushback from your web host regarding raising these limits? Review the hosting plan you're currently on for your site. Here's a doc where we share some of the best and worst hosting providers we've encountered.
  3. Since this error is caused by your hosting account running out of resources, you can try running the web connector less, if it's currently set to autorun. Running the web connector less will reduce the amount of resources our sync on your site uses.
  4. Having issues with the above? Open a ticket with our support team in your account with us to help guide you further on the above.

Don't think this error is related to your hosting account resources? Think again :) Here are a few excerpts from users who have encountered and resolved this issue.

After much discussion with Godaddy tech support, they finally admitted that none of the shared hosting plans are capable for running any type of Wordpress site that requires even SOME resources. So what we did is switch the hosting to their managed Wordpress hosting. After the migration, the error is no longer occurring.