Error: Company file is locked by another client

Tips to unlock your QuickBooks POs company file and avoid this occurring in the future.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at December 7th, 2023

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Is the Web Connector failing with the below message when syncing with QuickBooks POS? 


Message: Update aborted. Company file is locked by another client COMPUTER_NAME


This can be caused by AutoRun being set to run too frequently, or being closed while in the middle of a sync. In your Web Connector, either turn AutoRun off, or set it for a larger value. This error is caused by this value being set too low (aka 10 minutes), and the Web Connector not having enough time to finish the previous task before starting the next sync. We recommend 45 or 60 minutes+ for the AutoRun value.

It's recommended to not force quit the Web Connector while it's running. Make sure the web connector has completed a sync before closing, if needed.


The QuickBooks Company file will usually automatically unlock itself within a few hours, however, the below steps can also help force this unlock:

  • Restarting the QuickBooks POS computer(s).
  • Switching QuickBooks POS into Single User mode (File menu on the main QuickBooks POS company computer) - then back into Multi User mode.
  • Removing the MyWorks application from the Web Connector and then re-adding it.

If the above steps do not help unlock the QuickBooks POS company  (aka, the same error above is occurring), you'll need to contact our support to help manually unlock the QuickBooks company file (with instructions we've received from QuickBooks POS Support).