Shipping: As a line item or a subtotal field?

MyWorks Sync allows you to sync over the shipping cost of a WooCommerce order to QuickBooks Online in two different ways - as a line item using a product of your choice - or as a subtotal field in the dedicated subtotal field QuickBooks Online has for Shipping.

Subtotal field

This is the method used by default - if the Subtotal field for Shipping is enabled in QuickBooks Online. To check if this is enabled, simply create an invoice or sales receipt, and see if a subtotal field shows up for Shipping.

To turn this field on or off, visit QuickBooks Online Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content, and turn the checkbox ON or OFF for Shipping.

Next, visit Advanced > Chart of Accounts (if Shipping is on) to set the income account in your Chart of Accounts that you'd like this shipping income to be reported to.

This is all that is needed. Once MyWorks Sync sees that the Shipping Subtotal field is on, it will sync shipping to this field for invoices / sales receipts.

Line Item Shipping

If you would prefer to sync shipping over as a line item on your invoice or sales receipt, this is very easy to do also.

  1. First, turn off the Shipping Subtotal field using the instructions above.
  2. Visit MyWorks Sync > Settings > Default in your Wordpress admin, and choose your shipping product in the Default QuickBooks Online Shipping Product setting.

Once this is set and saved, MyWorks Sync will sync shipping over as a line item!

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