Error:2500: Invalid Reference Id, Invalid Reference Id : Line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef

Keep getting this error when pushing orders to QuickBooks Online?


Error:2500: [Invalid Reference Id, Invalid Reference Id : Line.SalesItemLineDetail.ItemRef]


This may occur if some type of data (customer, product, account) has been recently deleted in QuickBooks, and our sync isn't aware of this deletion. Or, a default setting may not be set in MyWorks Sync > Settings.


  1. Visit MyWorks Sync > Dashboard and click Refresh Customers & Products to update our sync with the latest QuickBooks customers/products. This will also update mappings if a customer/product has been deleted in QuickBooks.
  2. Visit MyWorks Sync > Settings > Defaults and make sure that the default settings are correctly filled in, and not blank.
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