Error: QuickBooks Customer Not Found

Troubleshooting the error message of Customer Not Found in MyWorks Sync>Log

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at September 21st, 2023

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Keep getting this error when pushing orders to QuickBooks using MyWorks Sync?


QuickBooks Customer Not Found


The most common issue here is when this error is paired with a "Duplicate Name Exists" error - when pushing an order to QuickBooks. This signifies that the customer for this order already exists in QuickBooks, but is not mapped. You can see more on the resolution for this here. The Customer Not Found error occurs for the order because the customer wasn't able to sync over to QuickBooks, and thus, the order isn't yet able to sync.


  • Ensure that the WooCommerce order does have an email address (real or fake) entered.
  • If you get this error while syncing test orders, it may be due to testing with internal employee names, which we discourage. We recommend you read our Testing Best Practices doc.