Why can't orders sync backwards from QuickBooks into WooCommerce?

A pre-sales question we often encounter from potential or new users is in regards to syncing orders backwards: From QuickBooks into WooCommerce. MyWorks Sync will sync new and updated orders from WooCommerce into QuickBooks automatically - but it does not currently have support for syncing orders the opposite direction - from QuickBooks into WooCommerce.

There's a few reasons for this, and these are detailed below. Typically this sounds like a helpful ability, but in real world workflows there's generally very little need/logic for syncing orders in this direction.

  1. It’s very rare that this even makes sense in an accounting/order workflow. If you’re creating orders (as an invoice or sales receipt) in QuickBooks, there’s almost never a logical reason to need them in WooCommerce, because the purpose for WooCommerce is to allow users to place new orders. 
  2. It’s also technically very challenging/not straightforward to sync an order backwards into WooCommerce due to how the data is structured differently in QuickBooks - for example: which customer should the order be tied to in WooCommerce, and what if the customer isn’t in WooCommerce? Because of this, even if MyWorks Sync were able to sync an order back into WooCommerce, 99% of the time, there would be an accuracy issue with it, based on how QuickBooks would feed us this information.
  3. For users that do indeed need orders to show in WooCommerce, we recommend entering the order manually in WooCommerce first and letting MyWorks sync them into QuickBooks. There’s also many plugins that make this process easier/faster in WooCommerce (aka for phone orders).
  4. Most importantly, even though we don’t sync the order backwards into WooCommerce, we can sync the inventory that was changed in QuickBooks by that order back into WooCommerce. So for example, if an order is created in QuickBooks for 2 widgets, the QuickBooks inventory will go down by 2, and even though that order won’t sync to WooCommerce, MyWorks will sync that inventory change into WooCommerce, so the inventory is always accurately reflected.
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