Error 3180: The Transaction Sales Tax cannot be left blank

Are you seeing this error when syncing orders into QuickBooks Desktop using MyWorks Sync?


Error Number:3180

Error:There was an error when saving a Invoice. QuickBooks error message: The Transaction Sales Tax field cannot be left blank, even for non-taxable customers and sales which have no taxable items, so non-taxable sales will be correct for this district.

This error usually occurs when the "Most Common Sales Tax" field in QuickBooks settings is left blank.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • In QuickBooks
  • 1. Click Edit/Preferences/Sales Tax.
  • 2. Select company preferences tab.
  • 3. Under the section "Set Up Sales Tax Items", select an item for the "Most Common Sales Tax"
  • 4. Save the preferences and retry your import.
  • Check to ensure that all the dropdowns in MyWorks Sync > Settings > Default are set.
  • Check MyWorks Sync > Settings > Tax Codes and ensure all of the settings are filled out.
  • Check MyWorks Sync > Map > Tax Rates and ensure the necessary tax rates are mapped.
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