Using Bundled products in Shopify and/or QuickBooks Online

How to manage bundled products in Shopify or QuickBooks Online while syncing with MyWorks

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at May 24th, 2024

MyWorks supports the use of bundled products in either Shopify, QuickBooks Online, or both. This article will cover some examples of common use cases involving bundled products - and how to handle these correctly when using MyWorks. 

Using a bundled product in QuickBooks 

A simple and common scenario of using bundles is having a single simple product or variation in Shopify that represents an actual bundle of products you're selling to a customer. For example, this could be a gift basket, or a “pack of 10” candles.

In this example, you don't need to have each item within the bundle as a separate product in Shopify; you've simply set up a single product in Shopify that represents the bundle you're selling. 

However, in QuickBooks, you have each product in the bundle separated, and would like the QuickBooks order to show each item within the bundle.

In this case, simply visit MyWorks Sync >Map > Products (or Variations) to map your Shopify product or variation to a corresponding QuickBooks bundle product you've created, that contains each separate product in QuickBooks. 

Then, when this product is ordered in Shopify, the order we sync to QuickBooks would contain the QuickBooks bundle product, showing each item in the bundle.

Using a bundled product in Shopify 

Another common example is if you're using a Bundled Products app in Shopify, like the below example built by Shopify:

In this case, you can create a bundle product in Shopify as well. Examples of common use cases here would be:

  • Selling an individual product as well as a “pack of 10” in Shopify. You can create an individual product in Shopify, and then create a separate bundle product in Shopify that's a “bundle” of 10 of the original Shopify product.
  • Selling a bundle of different individual products in your Shopify store.

In cases like this, you can visit MyWorks Sync >Map > Product (or Variations) and easily map this Shopify bundle to either a single QuickBooks item, or a bundled product in QuickBooks that contains the same items.   

Syncing inventory levels for bundled products 

In either of the above examples, it's also possible to sync inventory levels for items inside bundles, if you're managing inventory levels for them in both Shopify and QuickBooks.

To accomplish this, simply ensure the “child” products that are in the bundle are correctly mapped together between Shopify and QuickBooks - in MyWorks Sync >Map > Products. Once mapped, MyWorks can keep inventory levels in sync for them based on the inventory syncing enabled in MyWorks Sync > Settings > Automatic Sync.