Mapping Shopify Locations (Warehouses) to QuickBooks Desktop Inventory Sites

Map Shopify warehouses to QuickBooks Inventory Sites, enabling efficient inventory management and accurate order reporting.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at March 22nd, 2024

If you have multiple Locations enabled in your Shopify store, and are using Inventory Sites in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, MyWorks has the ability to easily map your Shopify Locations to Inventory Sites in QuickBooks Desktop (Enterprise). This is helpful in multiple areas as MyWorks handles syncing orders and inventory levels:

  • Choose which QuickBooks Inventory Site/Bin to assign orders to when syncing from Shopify into QuickBooks, based on the Shopify Location they're assigned to.
  • Mapping the Inventory Sites/Bins in QuickBooks to corresponding Locations in Shopify, so MyWorks can sync inventory accurately between them.

Setting this mapping up is quite simple! Visit MyWorks Sync > Settings > Product, where you can enable this setting and choose QuickBooks Inventory Sites to match your Shopify Locations/Warehouses to.