Syncing orders with Gift Cards from Shopify to QuickBooks Online

Learn how to seamlessly sync Shopify orders with gift card purchases or redemptions into QuickBooks Online

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at May 10th, 2024

MyWorks has full support for the built-in gift card functionality in Shopify, allowing you to accurately track both purchases of gift cards as well as orders paid by redeeming gift cards - as we sync them from Shopify into QuickBooks Online. 

Setting up a Gift Card product

All that's necessary for MyWorks to handle orders containing gift cards is to ensure you have a Gift Card product created in QuickBooks. We'll use this product both in orders containing gift card purchases as well as redemptions, to accurately record these to a liability account you'd set up in your QuickBooks company. 

Here's an example of what this product could look like in QuickBooks, if you haven't yet created one.


Gift Card Purchases

All that's necessary in MyWorks to accurately track orders where a gift card is purchased is to simply map your Shopify gift card product to the above QuickBooks gift card product in MyWorks Sync >Map > Variations in our sync on your site. This could look like the example below.

Once this has been set, orders where gift cards are purchased would be accurately synced to QuickBooks, recording this revenue in the Gift Card liability account this product is assigned to in QuickBooks.


Gift Card Redemptions

When a gift card is used in Shopify to partially or fully pay for an order, MyWorks Sync will include that redemption in the QuickBooks order synced -  as a negative line item, using the Gift Card product in QuickBooks.

This simply needs to be set in MyWorks Sync > Map > Payment Methods - in the Gift Card section on this page.

This would ensure the redemption correctly records to the same liability account mentioned above in the QuickBooks order. An example of this in an order in QuickBooks is shown below.