Unsupported character in wp-config.php file - QuickBooks Desktop and POS sync

Troubleshooting Unsupported Character in wp-config.php file error.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at September 21st, 2023


There is a special character in your wp-config.php file database credentials that the QuickBooks Library MyWorks Sync uses does not support. This simply needs to be removed/changed in order to activate our sync. This character is in the database host, name, user or password value. Simply check for and remove these characters from these fields. + / # % \ ?


Not sure how to fix this?

Sharing this information with your website developer or web hosting support would provide the necessary information to resolve this.

This message may show when first activating our QuickBooks Desktop or POS sync plugin on your site - if the database connection information (database host, name, username, or password) in your wp-config.php file contains one of the below special characters:

+ / # % \ ?

This message is due to the QuickBooks Library that our sync uses not being able to support these specific characters when connecting to your database.

This message can be resolved by changing your database host, name, username, or password in your hosting control panel -and editing your wp-config.php file to update this.

Are one of these characters in your database host? This can sometimes be trickier to change - but we have seen web hosts able to accommodate by switching to "localhost" or "".