Where Do I Find My License Key?

Learn how to successfully locate the license key for your plan with us.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at July 3rd, 2023

Your MyWorks Sync license key is a series of letters and numbers that will always start with QBOSync- (for QuickBooks Online), QBDSync- (for QuickBooks Desktop) or QBPSync- (for QuickBooks POS). You will have a unique license key for each MyWorks plan in your account.

It will look something like this: QBOSync-xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You will be able to find it within your account with us. Here is how:

  1. Login to your MyWorks account through this link (click here)
  2. Then visit My Plans as shown here:
  3. Once you are in your plan, you can copy the key here:
  4. Then, in the wp-admin area of your WooCommerce/Wordpress site - once you activate our plugin, you can visit MyWorks Sync > Connection to add your license key. This license key will stay active as long as our plugin remains active on your site.
  5. And adding the license key here:
  6. You are now ready to start setting up your sync!