Running sync testing - best practices

Best practice around successful order and customer sync tests

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at September 21st, 2023

It's usually very common for a store admin, web developer or accountant to want to run tests with MyWorks Sync when initially conducting setup / testing. When doing so, we have a few best practices to share to ensure that testing is as seamless and easy as possible.

  • It is is usually acceptable to test syncing our integration with a live QuickBooks company. This is because we do not automatically sync any past data; we only automatically sync new data - which is controllable. As such, this presents a very low integrity risk to live QuickBooks companies, as it's straightforward to delete test data from QuickBooks after syncing.
  • Before syncing any products, customers, or orders to test, ensure your default settings and initial mappings are set. This will help avoid unnecessary errors.
  • When placing test orders to sync, avoid placing them with an admin user, as it will normally result in QuickBooks Customer Not Found errors. These can be resolved using this article, however.
  • When testing syncing customers or orders, it is usually best to stay away from admin users/names that already exist as customers, vendors, or employees in QuickBooks - as this will result in duplicate customer errors. We recommend testing only with unique fake names to avoid this.