Using MyWorks in a Shopify Development Store

Explore how to use MyWorks in your Shopify Development Store

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at February 16th, 2024

MyWorks does support being installed and used in Shopify Development stores - which can be quite helpful if your Shopify store is still in development and being built, but you'd like to test using MyWorks.

It's quite safe to install MyWorks on your live Shopify store without testing first on a Shopify Development Store, as MyWorks only automatically syncs new data. We'll never automatically bulk sync any of your existing data to cause harm to your Shopify or QuickBooks data. 


When using MyWorks on a Shopify Development Store, there's a few helpful items to keep in mind that are different from how MyWorks works on a live/paid Shopify store that's not “Development”.

  • MyWorks will not charge you for the plan you choose. You're welcome to choose a paid plan, and while Shopify will ask you to authorize the charge, you'll see a message that it's not an actual charge. 
  • You will only be able to connect to a Sandbox QuickBooks Online company, not a live QuickBooks company. You can create a Sandbox company with QuickBooks by visiting