Error connecting to QuickBooks: Authentication Failed / Response is not well formed XML

Are you getting the below error message when attempting to run the Web Connector using MyWorks Sync?


Message: "QBWC1012: "Authentication failed due to the following message: Response is not well formed XML"

More Information

This typically means that there is at least one blank line that's being added to the top of your site's output - and is also being included in responses to the Web Connector, causing it to fail.

In the rare cases we see this, it can be caused by a runaway/unintentional blank line after a PHP closing tag in custom code on your site.

Steps to Resolve

  • We recommend relaying this information to your web developer, as it It is usually simple for them to either review custom theme/plugin code on your site to remove blank lines after a PHP closing tag - and/or disable/enable plugins or themes temporarily to identify the culprit - so it's not present in your site response, and thus in our web service URL.

  • Temporarily disabling plugins / themes one by one until the blank line(s) in our web service URL dissapear - which helps locate the cause of these additional lines being added to the output of your site.

  • If your web developer has difficulty locating the code on your site causing this issue, we'd be happy to help take a closer look as a courtesy via support ticket in your account with us.


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