Mapping custom fields between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Desktop

The ability to map custom fields when syncing orders and customers is included in our MyWorks Sync for QuickBooks Desktop plans. This supports linking a core/custom field in a WooCommerce order or customer to a core/custom field in a QuickBooks order or customer as we sync the record from WooCommerce to QuickBooks. 

Normally, the custom fields we can support to map would be a text or date field in WooCommerce and QuickBooks. If the target field in QuickBooks is a dropdown of pre-set values, it's typically not possible to simply map these together, and a more advanced mapping may need to be built.

For fields/scenarios where a more advanced mapping is necessary, our development team can assist in reviewing this via support ticket within your account with us, and providing a quote, if applicable.


MyWorks is very flexible around the QuickBooks order fields we're able to sync with. Basically any order field made available to us by QuickBooks can be used - along with any field present in the WooCommerce order level's meta fields. A few examples of popular QuickBooks fields MyWorks supports are:

  • Order / Due Date
  • PO Number, FOB, Other
  • Ship Via / Shipping Date / Tracking No.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Custom Customer or Order Fields
  • Billing & Shipping Address
  • Extra / blank line item within the QuickBooks order
  • Statement Memo


To map a custom field between WooCommerce or QuickBooks for a customer or order, simply open a ticket in your account with us, providing the information below. Our support team will then be able to assist mapping these fields together for you!

  1. A screenshot of the field needing mapping in your WooCommerce order or customer
  2. A screenshot of the corresponding field in a QuickBooks order or customer


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