Gift Card Handling/Support when syncing with QuickBooks Desktop

Easily sync and manage gift cards with QuickBooks Desktop with advanced support by MyWorks

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 29th, 2023

While WooCommerce doesn't support Gift Cards / Store Credit by default, MyWorks Sync does include support for several gift card solutions, to ensure our users can achieve the desired levels of automation when syncing orders while still making gift cards available on their WooCommerce deployments. 

Gift Card Purchases

By and large, MyWorks Sync can already natively handle syncing orders where a gift card is purchased. 

A user would, depending on the gift card plugin being used, set up a new product in their WooCommerce store named "Gift Card", for example, which they would then be able to map to a product in their QuickBooks, named "Gift Card", for example.

Usually, this QuickBooks product named Gift Card would be tied to a Liability account (instead of an income account like a normal product) - to track and balance out the Gift Card purchases vs Gift Card redemptions. The price of your gift card product in QuickBooks doesn’t matter to MyWorks Sync, the amount from the WooCommerce order would be used in all cases and synced to the QuickBooks Transaction.

A conversation with your accountant is recommended to review how this is set up in your QuickBooks company.

Gift Card Redemptions

When a gift card is used in WooCommerce to partially or fully pay for a WooCommerce Order, MyWorks Sync can include that redemption in the QuickBooks order synced -  as a negative line item, using the same Gift Card product in QuickBooks.

This would ensure the redemption correctly records to the same liability account mentioned above.

The ability of MyWorks Sync to recognize this "redemption" in the WooCommerce order is dependent on which Gift Card plugin is being used on your WooCommerce store. Using a supported plugin from the below list will guarantee that redemptions are able to be synced to QuickBooks.

This support can be enabled in MyWorks Sync > Compatibility in your WooCommerce admin area. A section will show, based on the gift card plugin in use, and the "Gift Card" product may be set here.

Gift Card Extensions MyWorks Sync Officially Supports

Gift Cards by Somewhere Warm

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards by Pimwick, LLC

Smart Coupons by SmartApps

What if the Gift Card Extension I am using isn't one of these?

In these instances, often the best way to check if that negative line item is correctly recording in QuickBooks when MyWorks Sync syncs that transaction to QuickBooks is doing a test order to test syncing!

If you experience any difficulty, you can always reach out to support to help troubleshoot a little further depending on your specific use case / which plugins are involved (and how reciprocal the plugins dev team is in finding a solution for you). If additional customization is needed based on the specific plugin being used on your site, this is handled on a case by case basis.