Error:6000: Business validation error - Make sure all your transactions have a GST/HST rate before you save

Keep getting this error when you're trying to push orders over to QuickBooks Online using MyWorks Sync?


Either a tax code or tax rate is not set for one of the line items in your order.


There are three tax-related areas in our integration to ensure are correctly set:

  1. MyWorks Sync > Settings > Taxes. Ensure you have a valid 0% Tax rate set here. This is usually or Out of Scope or No VAT - but can vary based on your QuickBooks company. If this is set to Exempt, try changing to a different 0% rate.

  2. MyWorks Sync > Map > Taxes. Ensure that all of your tax rates in use in WooCommerce are mapped to a valid/appropriate tax rate in QuickBooks Online.

  3. Check if the WooCommerce order is using more than one tax rate (common in Canada). QuickBooks Online only supports one tax rate for each line item, so if there are two tax rates in your WooCommerce order, these simply need to be compound-mapped to the single combined rate in QuickBooks at MyWorks Sync > Map > Taxes.


    You can find more details on how to compound map your taxes in our Best practices on mapping taxes article. 
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