Error:6000: Business validation error - Make sure all your transactions have a GST/HST rate before you save

Keep getting this error when you're trying to push orders over to QuickBooks Online?


Either a tax code or tax rate is not set for one of the line items in your order.


There are two tax-related areas in our integration to ensure are correctly set:

  1. MyWorks Sync > Settings > Taxes. Ensure you have a valid 0% Tax rate set here. This is usually or Out of Scope or No VAT - but can vary based on your QuickBooks company. If this is set to Exempt, try changing to a different 0% rate.
  2. MyWorks Sync > Map > Taxes. Ensure that all of your tax rates in use in WooCommerce are mapped to a valid/appropriate tax rate in QuickBooks Online.
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