You can’t create or modify a transaction with a date that comes before you started tracking quantity on hand

Are you encountering the below error in your WooCommerce store when pushing orders into QuickBooks Online using MyWorks Sync? Here's the reason why, and a few workarounds.


Error:6000: [A business validation error has occurred while processing your request, Business Validation Error: You can’t create or modify a transaction with a date that comes before you started tracking quantity on hand for the following: My Product A]

Error:6270: [Transaction date is prior to start date for inventory item, Transactions with inventory (QOH) products cant be dated earlier than the Inventory Start Date for the product]


This is a semi-common and often unavoidable occurrence if you are pushing over OLD orders that contain inventory products. Here's what's happening:

A. The product in QuickBooks has a start date of after the order you're pushing over to QuickBooks. This could occur if you used our integration to push the product into QuickBooks, where it's created as a brand new inventory product, with a start date of the day you pushed it over - or if you manually created the product in QuickBooks and didn't set the start date far back enough.

B. Then, you're pushing over an order from last month (for example), but QuickBooks is saying, "this product didn't exist in inventory last month, so I can't use it in this order".

There's not a clean way around this, but we do suggest the following alternatives, other than manually entering these orders in QuickBooks:

  1. In MyWorks Sync > Settings > Order, turn on the setting to sync orders with the "push date" - to push these WooCommerce orders to QuickBooks with today's date, avoiding this error.
  2. Manually create the needed inventory products in QuickBooks with a start date of your choice - Jan 1, for example - before any orders that you might push over.
  3. Delete the offending products in QuickBooks, and click Refresh Customers & Products in Myworks Sync > Dashboard. Then change the Inventory Start Date setting in MyWorks Sync > Settings > Product to a date before any orders you want to push over. Then push your products over again in MyWorks Sync > Push > Products. They will then be created in QuickBooks with the inventory start date you chose.
  4. Unmap all your products (just click Clear Mappings in MyWorks Sync > Map > Products), then push your OLD orders over to QuickBooks, so they default to the fallback Default QuickBooks Product you set in MyWorks Sync > Settings. Then, once the old orders have been pushed over, re-map your inventory products, and orders from this point forward will sync over with the right product mapping.
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