How do I switch to connect to a different QuickBooks Online company?

Sometimes in the course of using our sync - you may need to connect to a different QuickBooks Online company - whether you're switching from sandbox to live, or you simply are changing QuickBooks Online companies. Here's the steps to do so.

  1. Visit your account with us, and click on your plan in the Plans tab in your account.
  2. On that page, click Disconnect to disconnect from your QuickBooks company.
  3. Click the connect button to connect to the correct QuickBooks company.
  4. Copy the access token from that page in your account into MyWorks Sync > Connection in your WooCommerce admin.

Now that you're connected, you need to ensure that no data is still stored from the previous QuickBooks Online company, so we need to refresh your data, and clear your mappings, before proceeding again with setup.

  1. To Refresh Data, which will pull in the correct data from your new QuickBooks Online company into our plugin, visit MyWorks Sync > Dashboard and click Refresh Customers & Products.
  2. To clear mappings, which will clear all your Product, Customer, Payment and Tax mappings, visit MyWorks Sync > Dashboard and click Clear Mappings.
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