Changing WooCommerce sites / domain names - QuickBooks Online Sync

Sometimes in the course of using MyWorks Sync, you may need to move your site to a different host, or copy a staging site you've been working on to the live instance. When doing so, all of your plugin-side settings & mappings will be saved, as long as the sync is not deleted from your Wordpress install in the course of migration.

Once migrated to the new site/server, there are only a few steps you have to do to re-issue your license and reconnect to QuickBooks Online.

  1. Visit your account at - and click Change Site inside your plan on the Plans tab in your account. (or contact us, and we can assist)
  2. In your WooCommerce admin in your new site, visit MyWorks Sync > Connection, and ensure the license key is entered and active.
  3. Follow the steps on MyWorks Sync > Connection to connect to QuickBooks.
  4. Now that you're connected - the last and most important step is to Refresh Customers & Products, to pull in the latest data from your QuickBooks Online company into our sync. Visit MyWorks Sync > Dashboard and click Refresh Customers and Products to do so.
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