Error:6240: Duplicate Name Exists Error

Keep getting this error when pushing customers or orders to QuickBooks Online using MyWorks Sync?


Error:6240: [Duplicate Name Exists Error, The name supplied already exists. : Another customer, vendor or employee is already using this name. Please use a different name.]


The related customer name (or company name) for this order is already taken in QuickBooks, and is not being used by our sync by our sync for a specific reason. This error can sometimes occur with a with a "QuickBooks customer not found" error when syncing an order - as the order can't sync to QuickBook if the customer didn't first sync.


  • Is the customer name / company name referenced in the order already present in QuickBooks - possibly as a vendor, employee, or inactive customer?
    • Slightly change the display name for the conflicting customer/vendor/employee in QuickBooks.
  • Visit MyWorks Sync > Map > Customers and correctly map the customer.
  • Add the appropriate email address to the customer in QuickBooks, and click Refresh Customers in Map > Customers in our sync for us to recognize this and automatically sync the order to this customer.
  • Turn on Append ID for Duplicate Customers in MyWorks Sync > Setting > Mapping. This will allow us to sync the additional customer into QuickBooks, and keep the name unique by appending their WooCommerce ID to their name.
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