Update Error: Customer Mismatch

Keep getting this error when orders are syncing from WooCommerce to QuickBooks Online using MyWorks Sync?


An invoice or sales receipt already exists in QuickBooks Online with the same number as your Order# in WooCommerce - but it's under a different customer in QuickBooks Online than it is in WooCommerce - suggesting that the sales receipt / invoice in QuickBooks Online is a different sales receipt / invoice than the order in WooCommerce.


QuickBooks Online doesn't support multiple orders using the same number, so this issue can be resolved by either renumbering the QuickBooks order to use a different number, or changing our sync settings to use a different number when syncing orders to QuickBooks.  We have an excellent doc on the available options here:

What if my WooCommerce order numbers already exist in QuickBooks Online - as different orders?

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