Using the Web Connector with QuickBooks Desktop closed or multiple companies

Normally, it's most common that when syncing with MyWorks Sync, the QuickBooks company you're syncing with be open, and the QuickBooks Web Connector be open as well.

There are a few advanced scenarios where you can sync with multiple QuickBooks companies, or sync with your QuickBooks company even if it's closed.

There are a few requirements enforced by the Web Connector:

  • You cannot run the Web Connector while more than one QuickBooks company is open. (QuickBooks Enterprise)
  • If a QuickBooks company is open, and you're running the Web Connector, the company that is open must be the one that was originally connected to when setting up our sync. A different QuickBooks company cannot be open.

If the above requirements are not followed, running the web connector will result in an error.

Syncing with QuickBooks while closed

It is possible to sync with QuickBooks while the entire QuickBooks application (and company) is closed - with only the Web Connector open.

  1. In your QuickBooks company, press control + 1 to open a diagnostic window. This will show the full QuickBooks company file path.
  2. In MyWorks Sync > Connection in your WooCommerce admin area, enter this full company file path in the field on this page. 

Once this is entered, the web connector will be able to run the sync even while the QuickBooks company is closed. 

Common issues:

  • If the web connector fails to connect once the above is in place, ensure that the ".qbw" extension of your company file is present in the full file path entered above. It should also be lowercase, not uppercase.
  • If the web connector still fails to connect, QuickBooks may not be running as a service on your computer. Try opening the QuickBooks application, but not opening any company. If the web connector then runs, this confirms that QuickBooks is not set up to run as a background service on your computer. 

Syncing with multiple QuickBooks companies

It is also possible to sync multiple WooCommerce stores with multiple QuickBooks companies with our sync using the web connector. Usually this applies to the following scenarios:

  • You have two (or more) QuickBooks companies, and you're syncing one of them with our sync.
  • You have two (or more) QuickBooks companies, and each is connected to their own WooCommerce site using our sync.

Important: It's not possible to sync a single WooCommerce store with more than one QuickBooks company.

In the above cases, it is possible to sync to both with the Web Connector, but the following requirements must be followed.

  • If you have a QuickBooks company file open, and you're running the web connector, the company file currently open must be the one originally connected to our sync. AKA, you cannot have one company file open, and attempt to sync to a different company file.
  • You cannot sync to a QuickBooks company file while multiple companies are open at the same time. This will result in an error.
  • If you are syncing to multiple QuickBooks company files, you may sync to them while QuickBooks is completely closed, by following the below steps.
  1. Ensure QuickBooks is closed.
  2. In the Web Connector, select one of the applications and click Update Selected. Let the progress bar complete.
  3. In the Web Connector, select a different one of the applications and click Update Selected. Let the progress bar complete.
  4. By following the above instructions, you can sync with multiple companies, one at a time, using the web connector - while QuickBooks is closed.
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