Mapping Shopify Collections to QuickBooks Products, Classes or Locations

Explore how to effectively map your Shopify collections to QuickBooks products, classes, or locations, streamlining your order management and accounting processes.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at February 16th, 2024

The mapping section of MyWorks Sync allows you to 'match' your Shopify collections, products or variations in Shopify to corresponding products in QuickBooks Online. This article focuses on the ability to map your Collections in Shopify to QuickBooks products, classes, and/or locations.  

Mapping your Shopify Collections can be helpful in several different scenarios:

  • You don't need each individual Shopify product in QuickBooks,
  • You only need to track sales separately in QuickBooks by your Shopify Collections
  • You use Classes or Locations in QuickBooks to handle reporting for different Shopify Collections  

When a Collection is mapped to a Shopify product, class, or location, MyWorks will honor that mapping as we sync Shopify orders to QuickBooks: controlling the QuickBooks item, class, and location used for the line items and order detail for the order in QuickBooks.  

It's not required to map your Shopify Collections, so they can be left blank by default. For example, if you don't want all your Shopify products in QuickBooks, that's quite alright, and you can either leave them unmapped, or map multiple Shopify products to a single QuickBooks product.

Mapping your Shopify Collections

Mapping your Shopify Collections to QuickBooks Online is as easy as “connecting the dots”! Visit the Collections tab in MyWorks Sync > Map in your Shopify admin area.

On the left side, you can see your Shopify Collections - and in the columns on the right; a list of your QuickBooks Online products, classes, and locations. Each column is optional, and you can leave them blank as desired. 

Note: If a product or variation is mapped to a QuickBooks product in Map > Products, or Map > Variations, that mapping will override any mapping for the Collection that product is in. 

Once a Collection is mapped, it will always remain mapped unless it's deleted in Shopify.