What is the "Default for Unmatched Products" setting?

Helpful information to explain what the "Default for Unmatched Product" is used for in MyWorks

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at November 27th, 2023

When using MyWorks Sync, you may see the QuickBooks product "Default for Unmatched Products" - either used in an order we sync to QuickBooks, or in a setting in MyWorks Sync > Settings > Default. 


This is the name of a product that MyWorks will create in your QuickBooks Online company when MyWorks is first connected.

In short, this product/setting is meant to be used only for orders that contain a Shopify product that is not mapped to a corresponding product in QuickBooks.

While the above setting can be changed to use any other default/general sales product in your QuickBooks that you'd like to be used instead - this setting is only used if MyWorks is syncing an order to QuickBooks that contains a product that's not mapped together. 

You can check and assign product mappings easily in MyWorks Sync > Map > Products.