Using MyWorks to automate and sync unpaid Shopify orders

Explore how MyWorks can help with syncing unpaid Shopify orders, and additional settings that can help with workflows involved for these orders.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at March 7th, 2024

If some of your Shopify orders are not paid in Shopify as they're being placed, but instead being paid at a later point; MyWorks can be helpful in automating this process in several different ways, as shared below. 

When Shopify orders are placed, but not paid, MyWorks is able to specially handle several different elements in these orders that can help automate how these orders are handled after they're placed.

Syncing the Terms & Due Date

As shared in this article, MyWorks is able to sync the terms and due date from a Shopify order into a QuickBooks invoice.

Updating the Shopify order status when the QuickBooks invoice is paid 

As shared in this article, MyWorks has the ability to update the Shopify order status to “Paid” when an invoice we've synced to QuickBooks has been fully paid in QuickBooks.

Emailing an invoice to the customer from QuickBooks 

MyWorks can be configured (MyWorks Sync > Settings > Order) to send the QuickBooks invoice to the customer once an order is synced - just as if the “Save and Send” option was clicked in the QuickBooks invoice manually.    

Syncing a payment to QuickBooks at a later point 

If the Shopify order is initially unpaid when it's placed; MyWorks can sync the order to QuickBooks as an open invoice. Then, if the Shopify order is marked as paid at a later point, MyWorks will then sync a payment to that invoice in QuickBooks. 

Displaying QuickBooks customer transactions in the Shopify customer storefront 

Coming soon: MyWorks is also able to display the QuickBooks customer transactions (invoices, payments, sales receipts, and more) within their customer account in the storefront of your Shopify store. This can be helpful to give the customer visibility into their past transactions with you, but also allow them to view and even pay open invoices from this area.