Syncing Payments from Shopify to QuickBooks Online

Explore how payments can sync for Shopify orders into QuickBooks Online

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at October 25th, 2023

When syncing orders from Shopify into QuickBooks Online as an invoice or sales receipt, MyWorks will record the payment in QuickBooks Online as long as the Shopify order is paid.

You can control how the order and payment are synced to QuickBooks Online for paid orders in MyWorks Sync > Map > Payment Methods, separately for each payment method you offer in your Shopify store! 

Here, you can control:

  • The “Payment Method” label used for payments in QuickBooks
  • The Bank Account in QuickBooks that these payments should be recorded to
  • Syncing the transaction fee in the QuickBooks order
  • Setting a specific Term for the invoice in QuickBooks, if unpaid