Getting started with Queue Syncing

Tips on how MyWorks handles syncing data with QuickBooks

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 27th, 2023

Table of Contents

With MyWorks, your WooCommerce data (customers, orders, payments, products, inventory, etc) is synced to QuickBooks Online using a queue basis. New activity will be added to MyWorks Sync > Queue, and be synced to QuickBooks every 10 minutes in the background.

Benefits of queue sync:

  • For stores on lower-performance/cheaper hosting, this greatly minimizes the performance load assessed to the site by our integration. You will no longer have pages that take longer than usual to load in your admin or front-end.
  • You can still fully utilize our Push section, to push historic data (customers, products, orders, etc) over to QuickBooks manually.
  • Data will still be synced to QuickBooks automatically - on a near-realtime basis (every 5,10, 30 or 60 minutes, as chosen in our settings).