MyWorks support for WooCommerce HPOS

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at February 16th, 2024

WooCommerce recently publicly released their HPOS feature: High performance order storage tables, to help further optimize WooCommerce performance and storage of order details.

MyWorks is excited to be able to add support for HPOS, like many other WooCommerce developers. 

Adding this type of compatibility is no small project, and requires a significant amount of development and testing while we ensure we're supporting HPOS perfectly while also leaving support for users who decide not too move to HPOS yet. 

For MyWorks, this project is not comparable to the effort needed for minor WooCommerce extensions that have just one job in WooCommerce, like Sequential Order Numbers Pro, for example. With the level of detail which MyWorks interacts with WooCommerce orders, this compatibility has required significant development and testing effort from our team. 

Our plan to fully support HPOS is separated into two phases:

Phase 1: Complete

MyWorks supports initial compatibility with HPOS, where HPOS can be enabled on a WooCommerce store while using MyWorks.  With this initial support, the “Compatibility Mode” option in HPOS settings does need to be enabled to allow MyWorks to continue to read WooCommerce order data. 


Phase 2: In Progress

Our team has been hard at work building full support for HPOS into our sync, while retaining support for the legacy WooCommerce order tables for users who choose not to switch to HPOS just yet. We expect to release an update in Q1 2024 that contains this full support (even with Compatibility Mode turned off) - and will release an update as soon as this becomes available.