Syncing WooCommerce orders with Discounts to Xero

Tips on syncing WooCommerce orders containing discounts to your Xero accounting system for efficient automation of business operations.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at March 28th, 2024

MyWorks Sync supports syncing orders containing discounts/coupon codes into Xero, utilizing the Discount column within the Xero invoice or quote.

Syncing Discounts to the Xero "Discount" column

By default, MyWorks Sync will sync any discounts in a WooCommerce order to the Xero column field for Discounts.

These can be present in the WooCommerce order as either a “discount” field within one or more line items - or as a coupon in the order itself. 

This would be shown in the Xero order in the following example.