Changing WooCommerce sites / domain names - QuickBooks Online Sync

Moving website while using MyWorks Sync

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 28th, 2023

Sometimes in the course of using MyWorks Sync, you may need to move your site to a different host, change the domain you're using MyWorks on, or copy a staging site you've been working on to the live instance.

Are you copying the current site MyWorks is being used on to a new domain? If so, all of our sync settings & mappings will be saved, as long as your WooCommerce database is being copied to the new site, and our plugin isn't deleted from the site.

Are you changing the WooCommerce store that you're using MyWorks on? If so, our sync settings/mappings on your site would not be brought over to your new site, if your WooCommerce database isn't being copied over. You'd simply need to re-setup MyWorks on the new site.

When you're ready to use MyWorks on a different domain, there are only a few steps you have to do to re-issue your license and reconnect to QuickBooks Online.

  1. Visit your account at - and click Change Site inside your plan on the Plans tab in your account. (or contact us, and we can assist)
  2. In your WooCommerce admin in your new site, visit MyWorks Sync > Connection, and ensure the license key is entered and active.
  3. Follow the steps on MyWorks Sync > Connection to connect to QuickBooks.
  4. If your WooCommerce store remained the same, all our settings/mappings would be preserved, and you're all set! If this is a different WooCommerce store; you'd need to finish re-setting up our sync settings and mappings.