Changing WooCommerce sites / domain names - QuickBooks Desktop Sync

Review how to reconnect MyWorks after changing your WooCommerce store or domain name.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 29th, 2023

Because MyWorks Sync connects QuickBooks Desktop directly with your website, there are a few minor steps involved in moving sites or domain names, most commonly in the below scenarios:

  • Moving from a dev/staging site to a live site
  • Changing the domain name of your live WooCommerce site

Simply follow the steps below to ensure the move to your new domain name is seamless and error-free!

See our article here to connect to a new/different QuickBooks company.

Refresh your License Key

Log into your MyWorks account and visit your license page. Next to the Domain, click the Change Site button to open your license up to be activated on a new domain.

Then, log into your new (target) Wordpress Admin, visit MyWorks Sync > Connection and enter/save your license key.

Re-Connect QuickBooks to the new site

Once our sync is licensed on your new site it's time to set the QuickBooks Web Connector to connect to the new site.

  1. Ensure QuickBooks Desktop is open with the company you intend to connect to.
  2. Open your QuickBooks Web Connector, and remove our current application using the Remove button on the far right.
  3. In MyWorks Sync > Connection, click the Generate QWC file button on the bottom left.
  4. Double click the resulting downloaded file to open it in the Web Connector and finalize connecting to your QuickBooks Company.