How does MyWorks Sync handle extra compatibility with other WooCommerce extensions?

Like many other WooCommerce integrations - MyWorks Sync natively supports core WooCommerce features. 

However, as many store owners are aware - sometimes additional extensions are required in order to make WooCommerce function to fit your business workflow and processes. We realize that WooCommerce stores often use additional plugins, and we have built extra compatibility in MyWorks Sync to support a number of official/popular WooCommerce 3rd party extensions. 

This extra compatibility can be accessed in the MyWorks Sync > Compatibility menu in our sync. An area will appear for compatibility once the supported plugin is active in your WooCommerce store. 

Which third-party plugins have compatibility support?

To see a complete list of our available additional compatibility, visit our Summary page here.

What do I do if I'm using a third-party plugin you don't currently support?

Contact us to share the details about your custom plugin, and we can discuss the possibility of customizing compatibility for you. Custom compatibility development is accompanied by an hourly development charge in most cases.


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