Using a PayPal gateway other than the built-in PayPal gateway

We notice you're using the built-in PayPal payments gateway to process payments for your orders! We recommend NOT using this gateway and instead installing one of the many free PayPal gateway plugins available in Plugins > Add New on your site. This built-in PayPal gateway doesn't consistently notify our sync of new orders, resulting in these orders not being automatically synced as they should be.

Receiving the above message on your site? This doc helps review why we recommend using a PayPal gateway other than the built-in PayPal gateway for WooCommerce - and the benefits of doing so.

Notice: WooCommerce has issued a developer advisory that this built-in PayPal gateway will be hidden for new installs of WooCommerce, and also advises all users to use the official WooCommerce PayPal Gateway plugin below.

We have encountered a consistent number of users who have experienced issues with seeing new orders not automatically syncing to QuickBooks as expected. After further review, the cause of this is these orders being placed by the built-in PayPal gateway - which is not consistently notifying WooCommerce/our sync of a new order - which causes our sync to not be able to automatically sync it into QuickBooks.

Are you seeing new orders on your site correctly automatically syncing to QuickBooks? If so - that's great! There's no further action needed here.

If you are encountering issues with new orders on your site placed by this built-in PayPal gateway not automatically syncing, we recommend using an actual plugin that handles PayPal payments instead. This built-in PayPal gateway is the only gateway we've encountered these issues with - and any other gateway/plugin you use will not result in these issues.

The PayPal plugin we see used most often is actually built by WooCommerce themselves - and is free to install, in Plugins > Add New on your site. In addition, this plugin has a large amount of settings that allow you to further customize how it works in checkout. Overall, it's a much more sturdy and customizable PayPal gateway to use, versus the Paypal gateway built in to WooCommerce.

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