Migrating Clients from Subscription to Billing Agreement

Now that you're using our gateway, clients that pay with our gateway for the first time will automatically have a Billing Agreement created and stored in their account. But, how should you handle existing clients that already have a subscription on file?

Well, there's a few different options you have. First, let's explore the different ways a client can create a Billing Agreement using our gateway:

Creating a Billing Agreement

A Billing Agreement can be created in two different scenarios.

  1. A client pays an invoice or places an order using our gateway for the first time. They'll be redirected to PayPal, then after paying will be redirected back to your site with the payment complete. This process also creates a Billing Agreement - which is stored as a token in their WHMCS client account. All future payments with our gateway will be automatic using this token, they'll never leave your site.
  2. A client visits the dedicate gateway page (http://mywhmcssite.com/paypalbilling.php) where they can create a new billing agreement or cancel an existing billing agreement. Clicking the create button on this page will bring them to PayPal where they can sign in, then click Accept to create a billing agreement and be returned to your site without having to make a payment.

Now that you know how a billing agreement is created - let's move on to how the core PayPal gateway handles subscriptions.

Existing Subscription Management

The core PayPal gateway must stay enabled as long as you have clients with active subscriptions. This is to ensure that their invoices are marked as paid when a subscription payment is made. Our PayPal Billing gateway works perfectly alongside the core gateway.

Now that you know how existing subscriptions are handled, let's review the two different migration scenarios we recommend.

Migration Scenarios

There are two scenarios we recommend to migrate clients from using subscriptions to use a Billing Agreement instead.

Option 1: Cancel All Subscriptions at Once

Using this option, you would first log into your PayPal account and cancel all of your open subscriptions with your clients. This would be effective immediately, and you would no longer receive subscription payments. Then, you would log into WHMCS, and disable the core PayPal gateway - and choose the PayPal Billing gateway as the gateway to switch clients using the core PayPal gateway over to.

Voila! All clients invoices will be switched to using our gateway, and as they pay for the first time, a Billing Agreement will be created.

This option accomplishes the migrate faster, but isn't feasible if you have a lot of subscriptions active.

Option 2: Switch Clients to use PayPal Billing

Using this option, you would be able to slowly migrate your customers from using subscriptions to billing agreements - as they pay their next invoice or place their next order.

First, you would log into your WHMCS admin, go to Setup > Payments > Payment Methods > PayPal (core PayPal gateway), and de-select the Show on Order Form option. This will keep the gateway active to receive subscription payments, but would ensure it's not showing on the WHMCS front-end so that no new subscriptions get created.

Then, you would visit our module settings in Setup >Addon Modules > MyWorks PayPal Billing and turn on the option to Auto-Cancel subscriptions when a customer pays the first time with our gateway. This will automatically cancel the customer's existing subscription the first time they pay an invoice or place an order.

Now that your settings are configured, you have one more step to "force" your clients to pay with our gateway. Visit all of your UnPaid invoices in WHMCS - and change the ones that are set to the core PayPal gateway to have a payment method of our PayPal Billing gateway instead. This will ensure that when the client logs on to pay, they will pay with our gateway, creating the Billing Agreement.

If you wish to simply wait on your customers to log in and make their next payment, you're finished with setup - and good to go. If you'd like to move the process a bit faster, you can do one or both of the following actions:

  1. Email your clients that have a subscription and let them know you're moving to automated PayPal payments. Give them a link to log in and ask them to click on an unpaid invoice and manually pay it via PayPal (our gateway).
  2. Email your clients that have a subscription and let them know you're moving to automated PayPal payments. Give them a link to visit their Manage PayPal Billing Agreement page (http://mywhmcssite.com/paypalbilling.php) and let them know that when they click the button to create a Billing Agreement, their subscription with you will be cancelled, and their next invoice will be automatically charged.
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