WooCommerce Cost of Goods Sold

This compatibility add-on for our WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Desktop sync enhances our sync to support the "Cost of Goods Sold" value in WooCommerce added by the WooCommerce "Cost of Goods Sold" plugin - which is used by our sync when syncing new products from WooCommerce into QuickBooks.

What do I need?

  1. Our Compatibility add-on.
  2. WooCommerce Cost of Goods Sold

Getting Started

Once you have both our Compatibility Add-on and the WooCommerce Cost of Goods Sold plugin - it's time to install and configure them.

  1. Install both plugins by uploading the zip file in Plugins > Add New in your WordPress admin, or by uploading the plugin files to wp-content/plugins via FTP.
  2. Next we'll set up our Compatibility add-on.
  1. Visit MyWorks Sync > Compatibility in your WordPress admin sidebar. If you can't find this tab, ensure you've activated our compatibility plugin.
  2. In the section labeled WooCommerce Cost of Goods Sold, click the switch to turn on compatibility.

  1. Once you've completed the above steps, new products synced from WooCommerce to QuickBooks will include the cost field from the WooCommerce COGS product field.
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