Connecting to a different QuickBooks POS company

Need to connect MyWorks Sync to a new QuickBooks company? It's nice and easy, following the steps below. This normally is necessary if you:

  • Are using a staging/test QuickBooks company to test our sync
  • Need to switch to a new/different QuickBooks company
  • Have upgraded your QuickBooks company to a new version
  • Have changed computers/servers that your QuickBooks company is on

See our article here to connect your QuickBooks company to a new domain name.

1. Remove the current connection

Open the QuickBooks Web Connector on your computer. Do you still see our application present? Click Remove to the far right of our application to remove it.

Note: The original QuickBooks company you connected to must be open if you need to remove the application. If your original QuickBooks company isn't available to open any longer, you can follow these steps to force-remove an application from the Web Connector.

2. Reconnect to QuickBooks

  1. Ensure QuickBooks POS is open with the company you intend to connect to.
  2. In MyWorks Sync > Connection in your WordPress Admin, click the Generate QWC file button on the bottom left.
  3. Double click the resulting downloaded file to open it in the Web Connector and finalize connecting to your new QuickBooks Company.

3. Refresh data and configure settings (if different company file)

Is the new QuickBooks company you're connecting to a duplicate/copy of the old QuickBooks company file? If so, no need to refresh your data or change/set your Settings & Mappings - this data will be retained and applicable with the new QuickBooks company.

However, if your new QuickBooks company is not a copy/duplicate of your old QuickBooks company file, you will need to follow our Setup Steps again to refresh data and correctly update your settings to work with your new QuickBooks company.

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