Error connecting to QuickBooks: Authentication Failed / Could not verify the web application server certificate

Are you getting the below error message when attempting to add MyWorks Sync / your QWC file to the Web Connector?


Error Connecting to QuickBooks: Authentication Failed

QBWC1048: QuickBooks Web Connector could not verify the web application server certificate. QBWC1051: The new application was not added



This usually means that QuickBooks is unable to verify a valid SSL on your website.  However, there are several additional causes/resolutions for this:

  • Ensure a fully valid SSL certificate is correctly installed on your site. Self Signed certificates are not valid.

  • Check your WooCommerce store to confirm if any security plugins are active. If they are, try temporarily disabling them while adding the QWC file above. Normally, once added, they can be safely re-enabled and used alongside our sync.

  • Ensure you don't have any privacy/redirection plugins enabled on your site that might be blocking the QuickBooks connection. Your site does need to be publicly accessible to be connected with.

  • Ensure that your website is able to be loaded by visiting it in Internet Explorer on your QuickBooks computer. If not, this may indicate a local firewall that's causing an issue with the connection.

  • If none of the above issues seem to be the cause, there may be an issue with your QuickBooks computer not using a TLS version that your website supports. If this is the case, your site may not load in Internet Explorer on your QuickBooks Computer.
    • To resolve this, you may download and run the TLS readiness tool by QuickBooks. This is within the QuickBooks Tool Hub, which can be downloaded with the above link. Follow the instructions in the above doc from QuickBooks to run it: Close QuickBooks and the web connector, then download and run this tool. After restarting your computer, you should be able to connect our sync without seeing the error above!
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