Authentication Failed

Are you getting the below error message when attempting to run the Web Connector?


Message: "Authentication Failed"


This means that QuickBooks is unable to securely connect to our sync on your site. There are a few possible causes for this:

  • Your local computer firewall is not allowing access to your site.
  • Our sync on your site is not active/licensed. Ensure a valid license key is entered.
  • Your website firewall or security plugins are blocking access from the Web Connector.
  • QuickBooks Web Connector sends requests without Request Headers, which can cause some security plugins/firewalls to block them. Try temporarily disabling your security plugins/firewalls to test - then add a rule to whitelist your IP to resolve.
  • Ensure you have no "Under Construction" or "Redirection" plugins/processes active on the site that might redirect the QuickBooks Connection.
  • You're hosted on WPengine. See our doc on how to disable RedirectBots to allow the connection.
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