Our Favorite Web Hosts! (Hint: Not GoDaddy)

In the course of supporting thousands of our users with their WooCommerce stores, and integrating those stores with QuickBooks, we've had the opportunity to see a pretty large number of hosting companies in action. While some are certainly better than others (and some have made our favorites list - see below) - no web host comes close to presenting the as many issues for our users than GoDaddy has.

Some would think it should be difficult to single out a specific provider as such a problematic host to WooCommerce stores, but the amount of issues/conflicts we've seen on our user's stores hosted on GoDaddy is comparable to no other host. These include:

  • Failures to have the wp-cron system properly set, or consistently running
  • Very poor admin and front-end load times/performance (regardless of our sync being installed)
  • Poor resource allocation (low memory limits and available CPU resources) - a result of cramming many hosting accounts on one server, regardless of the
  • Timing out database connections (critical when dealing with/syncing larger amounts of data)
  • Poor support times and quality of support
  • And the list goes on....

In order to maintain a performing and professional WooCommerce site - regardless of whether you use our sync or not, we recommend you use any other host than GoDaddy.

Below is a list of outstanding WooCommerce-optimized hosts with whom we've seen many of our users have great success:

Inversely, below is a list of web hosts we have seen repeated issues with multiple users - usually in areas of resource availability or server settings that result in poor QuickBooks connections. We would not recommend these web hosts to our users:

  • GoDaddy
  • BlueHost
  • Media Temple
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