Syncing orders with Bundled products with QuickBooks Online

Outlining MyWorks Sync support for bundled products

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 30th, 2023


MyWorks Sync is fully compatible with WooCommerce bundles, a separate product type (vs simple, variable, or grouped.) It's important to note that you need the Product Bundles plugin to build a bundled product in WooCommerce.

In QuickBooks Online, creating a Bundled product is possible - much like you do in WooCommerce. First, you create your base/standard products, then you create a new product - and choose the Bundled type. Then, you choose the base/standard products to include in this bundled product.

MyWorks Sync supports syncing orders containing bundled products (and inventory between child items) in the following ways:

  • Mapping a parent WooCommerce bundled item to a QuickBooks parent bundled item
  • Mapping child WooCommerce items to their corresponding child QuickBooks items
  • Syncing WooCommerce orders containing bundles accurately to QuickBooks 

If parent bundled products are mapped together, MyWorks will be able to record the QuickBooks product bundle in the order synced to QuickBooks when the WooCommerce product bundle is ordered.

Alternatively, MyWorks Sync can instead sync only the child line items of a bundled product into the QuickBooks order when a bundled product is ordered in WooCommerce. This is helpful for cases where the bundled product is not necessary in QuickBooks, and only the individual line items need to be recorded in the QuickBooks transaction. 

Getting Started

After your bundled products are correctly mapped, you'll need to enable our support for WooCommerce Product Bundles in MyWorks Sync > Compatibility. This is necessary to ensure that the total of the bundled product's line item in the QuickBooks order is accurate / matching WooCommerce, since QuickBooks forces the price set in the QuickBooks bundle by default in the QuickBooks order.


Here's a simple guide to what you can accomplish with bundled products using MyWorks Sync:

You are able to:

  • Map a WooCommerce bundled product to a QuickBooks bundled product
  • When a bundled product is ordered in WooCommerce, the mapped bundled product in QuickBooks Online will correctly be shown in the order synced to QuickBooks Online, OR, the child line items can be synced in the order to QuickBooks Online if the bundled parent product is not mapped.
  • If a WooCommerce bundle contains variations that need to be present in the QuickBooks line items, only the child items of the bundle should be mapped within MyWorks. Since QuickBooks doesn't support bundles where the child products change, mapping to a QuickBooks bundle is usually not the best choice.
  • Sync inventory between child inventory products inside a bundled product between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online.

You are unable to:

  • Push WooCommerce bundled products to QuickBooks Online. You must manually create bundled products in QuickBooks Online.
  • Pull QuickBooks Online bundled products into WooCommerce. You must manually create bundled products in WooCommerce.


As discussed above, the only requirement with MyWorks Sync regarding bundles is to map them correctly. You may do so in MyWorks Sync > Map > Products. This can easily be done in several ways:

Auto-Map by SKU (recommended): As long as the WooCommerce Bundle and QuickBooks Online Bundle have matching SKUS, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button to AutoMap by SKU. This will scan both WooCommerce products and QuickBooks Online products and automatically match the ones with matching SKUs to save you time manually matching them.

Auto-Map by name: As long as the WooCommerce bundles and QuickBooks Online bundles have matching names, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button to AutoMap by Name. This will scan both WooCommerce products and QuickBooks Online products and automatically match the ones with names that match exactly to save you time manually matching them.

Manually: Simply choose the matching product bundle in QuickBooks Online that corresponds to the appropriate WooCommerce product bundle in the dropdown on this page.

Once your bundles are mapped, there’s no further action needed. When a bundle is ordered in WooCommerce, the correct QuickBooks Online product bundle will show in the invoice/sales receipt in QuickBooks Online when the order syncs over.


  • It is important to remember to map your standard/base products that make up your product bundles - so that inventory can sync between them when ordered individually.
  • Test orders are your friend! It can be very helpful to try syncing a test order containing a bundled product to confirm how the order will show in QuickBooks - and make changes accordingly in our sync if needed.
  • Since QuickBooks uses the price set in QuickBooks for the bundled items in the order we sync into QuickBooks, it's usually helpful to make sure these prices match the prices of the items in WooCommerce. However, it's ok if they don't - we'll be able to force the bundled product price in the QuickBooks order to match the WooCommerce order using an adjustment line item.