Known Intuit Issue: Custom Transaction Numbers setting turning itself back on

More information about this known bug in QuickBooks Online, and additional info on how QuickBooks Online is working on resolving this.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at March 19th, 2024

As QuickBooks Online recently announced their “New Layout” for transactions, we've seen reports from users that the Custom Transaction Numbers setting in QuickBooks Online may sometimes seem to turn itself on. While this may not matter in some cases, for users that use our setting to “Use Next QuickBooks Order #” - this can cause issues, as this setting in QuickBooks must be off for MyWorks to be able to use the next available number in QuickBooks.


In some cases, when using the “New Layout” in QuickBooks invoices, the “Custom Transaction Numbers” setting will turn itself on if an invoice is edited or saved in the QuickBooks Online UI. This does not appear to happen when using the “Old Layout” in QuickBooks Online.  

QuickBooks Bug Status 

 QuickBooks is aware of this bug and is working on a resolution. This has been brought to their attention multiple times in discussions like these:

Steps to Resolve (temporary)

While QuickBooks continues to investigate and resolve this, the below options/steps seem to help prevent this behavior from occurring, in the meantime:

  1. Switching back to the “Old Layout” in QuickBooks Online, or not clicking the option to “Use New Layout”.
  2. Or, if the above isn't possible / working, the below steps to edit your Custom Form Styles in QuickBooks can help prevent the above behavior:

    1. In QuickBooks Online, visit the gear in the top right, and click on Custom Form Styles.

    2. Edit the the form that's the "default" for the invoice/sales receipt being used, and:
      1. Click on the Content tab in the top left,
      2. Click on the top area of the template on the right side of the page,
      3. Ensure the "Use custom transaction numbers" setting is not enabled on the left.