Controlling access to MyWorks Sync in your WooCommerce admin area

Easily control which users in your WooCommerce admin area can access MyWorks Sync

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at October 9th, 2023

MyWorks Sync lives in the admin area of your WooCommerce store, and is available through a menu item: MyWorks Sync.

By default, only users in the roles of Shop Manager and Administrator will be able to see/access the MyWorks Sync menu in your WooCommerce admin area. 

Normally, the above is sufficient, as even if a user has access to MyWorks, that doesn't mean they also have access to QuickBooks. This simply provides them the ability to view or change settings/mappings in MyWorks, or manually push or pull data if desired.

It is possible to further limit access to the MyWorks Sync menu, no different than limiting access to other plugins shown in the sidebar of your WooCommerce admin area. Normally, your web developer will be able to accomplish this for you. For example, using a plugin like this, you'd be able to show/hide different menu items per user in your store admin area. Or, with a plugin like this, you could further customize your admin area.