What is the difference between mapping and pushing data?

Gain an understanding when to map and when to push data and the distinct purposes of each.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at September 21st, 2023

During the setup of MyWorks Sync, a common question we receive is understanding the difference between mapping data (in MyWorks Sync > Map) and pushing data (in MyWorks Sync > Push).

When to map data?

If data like customers and products exist already in WooCommerce and QuickBooks, they should be mapped in MyWorks Sync > Map. This should be done before any orders are synced to ensure accurate syncing.

When to push data?

If you have customers and products that only exist in WooCommerce, and you would like them to also be in QuickBooks, you may push them in MyWorks Sync > Push. When pushing customers or products, they will be automatically mapped to the resulting QuickBooks customer/product in MyWorks Sync > Map, so there is no need to map them after pushing. Note: it is not generally necessary to push customers, as we will always automatically sync over a customer if necessary when a related order is being pushed or synced.