Syncing orders with multiple currencies with WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online

How MyWorks Sync supports multiple currencies in WooCommerce and QuickBooks.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 30th, 2023

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Although WooCommerce supports a single currency by default, it's pretty common for there to be a need to offer multiple currencies within a WooCommerce store. Because QuickBooks Online also supports multiple currencies - MyWorks has excellent support for handling multiple currencies as well. 

This support would allow specific currencies in WooCommerce to be linked to specific and separate bank accounts in QuickBooks on a per-payment method basis so that WooCommerce orders can be sent to QuickBooks:

  • With the correct currency, matching the currency of the WooCommerce order.
  • Into the correct QuickBooks bank account with the same currency as the WooCommerce order.

The only requirement is that the same currencies be enabled in both WooCommerce and QuickBooks.


In MyWorks Sync > Settings > Default, there will be a Currency option if MyWorks detects multiple currencies in use on your WooCommerce store. In this option, select the currencies you accept orders from in WooCommerce. (these currencies should also be enabled in QuickBooks)

In MyWorks Sync > Map > Payment Methods, there will then be one column for each currency selected in our settings, which will allow you to them map each gateway to a different QuickBooks bank account based on the currency(s) that the gateway accepts in WooCommerce.