Adding MyWorks Sync to additional QuickBooks Desktop computers

Easily setup MyWorks Sync on multiple QuickBooks Desktop computers for more flexible control running the sync.

Written by the MyWorks Team

Updated at June 27th, 2023

MyWorks Sync can be used to sync on more than one QuickBooks Desktop computer by adding our sync to the Web Connector on each computer.

The below steps can be followed to add MyWorks to the QuickBooks Web Connector on each desired QuickBooks computer - following these steps once for each computer.

Tip: The Web Connector should not have Auto-Run enabled on more than one QuickBooks computer at a time to prevent an overlap/conflict in syncing.

  1. Ensure QuickBooks Desktop is open with the company you intend to connect to. You do not need to be logged in as the QuickBooks Admin, as long as MyWorks is already connected on at least one QuickBooks computer.
  2. On the QuickBooks computer you're adding our sync to, log into your WooCommerce website's admin area. In MyWorks Sync > Connection in your Wordpress Admin, click the Generate QWC file button on the lower left.
  3. Double click the resulting downloaded file to open it in the Web Connector and finalize connecting to your QuickBooks Company.
  4. Once you see the MyWorks application in the Web Connector, copy the Web Connector Password from MyWorks Sync > Connection on your site - to the Password field in the web connector.